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Serving Small and Medium Businesses

Brickell Capital Finance is a national business lending company that helps clients by providing access to capital needed for finance expansion, operations, real estate, and real estate development by using traditional and non-traditional loans. We have financed 1,000’s of businesses in States like Florida specializing in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, West Palm Beach, Naples, Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. As well as Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, California, and Arizona as well as the rest of the United States.

Traditional Business Loans

Our traditional business loan are designed for established businesses with strong credit history and good cash flow that need additional capital to take their business to the next level. We offer great competitive rates , and flexible terms.

Revenue Based Loans

Our revenue loans are designed for businesses that are generating revenue but may be lacking in credit history. If your business has cash flow, we can help you acquire additional capital to finance expansion or operations.

Asset Based Loans

Our asset based loans are designed for business to leverage their existing asset into business capital. We can help raise additional capital to finance operations through accounts receivable financing, purchase order financing, contract financing, and inventory financing.

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Problem Solving Business Loans

SBA Loans

Looking to buy a business or take your profitable business to the next level? Established business tax returns that show good cash flow can get extensive funding. All come with incredibly low interest rates and generous payback terms. The Small Business Association has been helping businesses for over 65 years. We work with you to make sure all the necessary documents are in order so that you can present business in order to secure funding through this governmental organization.

Equipment Financing

We help businesses conserve much needed capital through our equipment financing programs. We can enhance a company’s ability to grow by offering up to 100% financing for equipment, vehicle, computers,signage costs, etc.

Merchant Cash Advances

Our merchant cash advance program is designed for small to mid-size business that accept debt and credit cards to leverage their future credit card sales to access quick capital to finance your operations.

Merchant Services

We can help businesses grow by providing the best merchant account services available in the industry. We offer credit card processing services and merchant solutions for every type of business including high risk merchant accounts.

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