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One of the challenges that contractors face in growing their business is unpredictable cash flow. While we can provide your business with a business line of credit, another product that our clients in the construction industry need is a contractor loan for financing construction materials up front. Brickell Capital can help you finance the materials you need for your commercial, industrial, multi-unit family and government construction projects in a remarkably simple manner.
If you are currently working on a specific project, about to start on one or would like to place a bid on a future project, we can ease your cash flow concerns by helping with the financing of your construction materials purchase. You would simply pick a project that you need help with, request a quote from your supplier and submit that to us together with a completed application, last three months of your business bank statements and your Driver’s License.

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Take advantage of a contractor loan for your construction materials to help you negotiate a cash discount with your suppliers. While you can also access working capital through our business line of credit, approval credit limits are strictly tied to your sales, time in business and credit score. Funding your construction materials, however, is tied to each project which enables you to qualify for a much higher credit limit. The affordable minimum weekly payment of $50 for every $10,000 borrowed allows you to work on your project without having a large payment due before you even get paid for your work.

Commercial Contractors, you can now purchase materials with 120-Day payment terms from any supplier. So, you have the flexibility to get the materials you need to complete projects faster. We believe you shouldn’t have to put your business at risk when you buy materials. We’ll pay your supplier, directly on your behalf prior to shipping, and then give you 120-days to pay off the purchase. It means you’ll have the flexibility and options to take on more and bigger projects. And, you’ll improve your relationship with your supplier, general contractor and developer.

Suppliers of construction materials are also welcome to sign-up with us to offer financing to contractors at the point of sale. By signing up with us, there is no need to negotiate terms because you get paid right away. You will also eliminate your risk of late payment or non-payment. Simply call our office to sign up and enroll your business.

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What type of construction materials purchases can we fund?

We can fund commercial, industrial, multi-unit family and government construction projects that deal with Plumbing, Heating and Airconditioning (HVAC), Painting, Electrical, Masonry, Steel Framing, Water Proofing, Mechanical, Stone Work, Tile Setting, Trim, Carpentry, Cabinets, Hurricane Windows and Doors, Flooring, Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal, Concrete and Special Trade Contractors

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